FAQ: accounting questions

1. Is there a full accounting module in the system? Yes, there is a single accounting in eHÁZ. In addition, there is a logbook, a reporting/budgeting system, an accounts system and an accounting reporting module. Cash vouchers, vouchers to replace invoices can be issued and an integrated invoicing software can be used. 2.

FAQ: questions on notifications

1. What documents and notifications can I send through the system and how? The system is able to send all residents and/or tenants their monthly prescriptions, balances or even payment notices by email with one click, in order to avoid printing and postage costs. While some of the tenants do not necessarily use the

FAQs: prescriptive questions

1. There are houses where, for example, the waste collection fee is weighted by the number of inhabitants in the sub-bed. Can the system handle this? The number of inhabitants can be fixed for each sub-bed, which is of course not compulsory if there is no accounting in the house. For monthly specifications, the corresponding fees are automatically weighted by the system. 2.

FAQ: questions about default settings

1. Can I look back at the changes made to the house? You have the possibility to save your history, to do this you first have to activate "Save activities in the house" by clicking on the "Other" tab in the basic settings of the house and then save this setting. Once you have made this change, an arrow will appear next to the name of the house and you can click on it to view the history.

FAQ: billing issues

1. How is billing done? Regular, monthly ex-post invoicing. If a condominium is contracted, once a year for amounts below 10.000 HUF/month, with advance invoicing. The annual system charge is invoiced until 30 April of the year. The issuer of the bill offers the possibility of quarterly instalments. 2. What data do I need to collect to be able to use this eHÁZat?

eHÁZ mobile applications

Download the eHÁZ Android or iOS app from the respective stores to get first-hand information about your condominium!

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