The eHÁZ Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a set of rules and standards, the aim of which is to use the principles it sets out as a guide to solving ethical problems. The values and related rules set out herein apply to all employees, contractors, partners and clients of Info Sierra Ltd.

In running and developing our business, tasks must be organised in a way that takes into account both internal and external aspects. This Code of Ethics reflects our expectations of standards of behaviour, morals and ethical values. It is in our common interest to protect the values contained in this Code. In the long term, we will only be able to meet the challenges of the competitive marketplace that surrounds us if we submit ourselves to the requirements of moral responsibility at both individual and company level. We can only preserve the good reputation of our business through integrity and full compliance with the law.

Our employees, partners and customers need to be aware that.
- the Code does not contain all the legal standards that regulate conduct.
- the Code of Conduct cannot provide guidance for every possible situation and issue. If you are in doubt about how to deal with a situation, you should seek help from your line manager or the Managing Director of Info Sierra Ltd.

If the law sets more stringent requirements, they must be met.

In practice, in order to work with the principles, attention should be paid to:
- compliance with legal requirements,
- consequences of our behaviour and actions (both inside and outside the company, including third parties),
- common sense and professionalism,
- working with general/socially acceptable rules for good behaviour and social standards,
- autonomous reason, a sense of what is right and wrong, especially in one's own actions and motives.

Strengthening and preserving the ethical foundations of our business is a fundamental common goal to which all our employees must subscribe and work in the spirit of. The ethical basis of our business operations requires that our contracted partners and clients join us in improving the general perception of the condominium management profession.

1. The values of the business

1.1 Ethical behaviour
To observe and enforce ethical standards and the ethical expectations described in this Code among employees and in our dealings with our partners.

1.2 Working with our partners and customers
We strive for a fair, mutually beneficial and stable cooperation with our partners and customers, and we want to provide our products and services at a reliable and high standard.

1.3 Quality focus
Our aim is to provide a high quality service using state-of-the-art technical and technological equipment.

2. About the Code of Conduct

By publishing this Code of Ethics, Info Sierra Ltd. declares that it intends to comply with and adhere to the applicable legal regulations and ethical standards in all areas of its business. To this end, the Code of Ethics sets out the expectations for ethical behaviour, the procedures to be followed in case of ethical problems and the knowledge of how to report ethical issues to our employees, partners and clients.

This Code of Ethics applies to the owners, employees, agents and franchisees of Info Sierra Ltd. Compliance with the Code of Ethics is also expected of all our partners who have a contractual relationship with the company.

The company requires all its employees to respect the principles set out in the Code of Ethics at all times in their dealings with the company, and knowledge of the Code of Ethics is of course a prerequisite.

3. Standards of conduct

3.1. Treatment of employees

The role of employees is essential in further enhancing the reputation of Info Sierra Ltd. in selling products and providing services. The company strives to maintain fair, legal and honest relations with its employees, which it expects from its employees, customers and partners.

3.2. Prohibition of discrimination and violence

The company does not discriminate between its customers, partners or employees, or in the relationships between managers or employees, on the basis of gender, age, colour, ethnic group, religious belief, political party affiliation or sexual orientation. Employers and employees shall not provide or disclose, either orally or in writing, information or material which offends or may offend the sensitivities of others in the areas set out above.

The company strictly prohibits any form of violence, intimidation or harassment.

All customers, partners and employees of the company are expected to build and develop their relationships with each other and with external partners based on mutual respect, fair cooperation and the enforcement of mutual interests.

3.3 Failure to attack

The company and all its franchisees and all owners of the businesses agree not to provide any condominium management services, whether directly or indirectly.

3.4. Relations with authorities and partners

The company declares that in its business relations it will act in accordance with the principles of fair competition, will ensure equal conditions for its partners and will not discriminate unlawfully.
In their external relations, employees of the undertaking shall act in a spirit of fair cooperation based on mutual interests.
The undertaking shall provide the available data upon request by public authorities in any case.

4. Confidential information, data management

4.1. Confidential information

Confidential information is any information the disclosure of which could harm the interests of the undertaking.

Not exclusively, but such confidential information is that which:
- financial, accounting, production, commercial and quality data of the undertaking,
- the disclosure of which could bring the undertaking into disrepute,
- it relates to prices, commissions, conditions, terms and conditions of contract, specific performance, complaints and, more generally, to contracts and data relating to the relationship between the undertaking and its partners.

Employees of the company are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information, which must not be disclosed or divulged to unauthorised persons.

4.2. Data management, electronic data management

Information and data about the company - whether printed, stored electronically or even verbally - are the property of the company. In any case, the condominium data uploaded to the eHÁZ system provided by the company is the property of the respective condominium.
The employee is responsible for the secure storage of the data processed in connection with his/her work.
Upon termination of employment, when the job is transferred, the employee must hand over to the representative of the company all data and information previously stored in connection with the company.

The company explicitly expects its customers to look after the interests of the condominiums they represent and, if the legal relationship between the company and the condominium is terminated, to ensure that the data is fully secured within the eHÁZ system and made available to the condominium, thus ensuring business continuity.

The firm expects its clients to keep at least monthly, and preferably at least weekly, accounts of the finances of the condominium it represents. The company will provide all the IT support necessary for this purpose.

5. Competitors

The company declares that it will act in accordance with the principles of fair competition and the competition rules in force in its dealings with competitors and will not use illegal means.
The undertaking undertakes not to collect information on its competitors (and partners) beyond what is generally acceptable for the purposes of its business and not to use illegal means to collect information.

The company refrains from presenting its own products in its advertisements and advertisements as having characteristics that they do not have. It shall not publish or disseminate false information about its competitors or their products.

6. Reporting ethical problems, questions and comments

If an employee has any ethical doubts, questions or comments about the assessment of a particular situation, he or she should contact his or her line manager or the Executive Director.
This Code of Ethics is effective as of today and all previous versions are repealed.

Budapest, 27 April 2020.

Péter Schwindt
Managing Director
Info Sierra Kft.

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