1. There are houses where, for example, the waste collection fee is weighted by the number of inhabitants in the sub-bed. Can the system handle this?

For each sub-base, the number of occupants can be recorded, which is of course not mandatory if there is no accounting in the house. For monthly specifications, the corresponding fees are automatically weighted by the system.

2. I have just taken over the house and the multiplications of the ownership shares do not match the current common cost figures. What should I do?

In such a case, we usually recommend that you do not enter general specifications in the APPROPRIATIONS menu, but enter the common cost as a SINGLE APPROPRIATION for each sub-element. Nevertheless, we suggest that the actual way of bearing the common costs be voted on at the next General Assembly in order to clarify the situation as soon as possible.

3. How do I activate my prescriptions?

The standards are usually monthly standards, so they must be set each month. Three rectangles appear in the summary in the specifications tab. In the second (blue), Monthly Specification, you set the month you want to use, then tick the box "Specification active, will appear in the accounts" in the right centre of the rectangle, enter the rounding method and click on the "Change Specification" button in the top corner.

4. Can the system round?

When activating the specifications for each month, you can specify whether the system should round the specifications to HUF 5-10-100 or HUF 1000, per item or in total. The setting is inherited for the following month's specifications.

5. How can I add a comment to my monthly residents' prescriptions?

Under the monthly requirements menu, in the blue box in the middle, you will find three columns for the monthly requirements, with three columns for all residents' comments on the documents. If you scroll down, you will find a box on the right hand side of the itemised list of sub-insert specifications to comment or message each resident individually on their documents.

6. What should I do if the following message appears for one or all of the sub-inserts in the specifications?

"The sub-insert is inactive for the month specified (March 2016), no specification is being made for it."

This appears if the specifications have been closed in an incorrect way, i.e. not in chronological order. In this case, you have to "reopen", i.e. you have to undo the specification for the month in question by ticking the "Specification active, appears in the accounts" box in the specification for the month and then modify the month. After regression, if you hover the cursor over the problematic sub-item at the bottom of the specification page, a "Modify sub-item" button appears, which you can click on to uncheck "Specification is made for sub-item" in the panel that appears. After modification, the sub-insert specification will be displayed.

7. The monthly prescription balance notification does not show the prescription already activated. Why?

In the house settings, the resident access must be set accordingly in the basic data (e.g. if you are using the system from 1 January 2015, the resident access must be set to that date, otherwise the resident will not "see" any balance history).

9. How do I advance interest?

Under the specifications tab, you will find the interest menu. Here you can choose between two options: capitalisation or setting the interest rate. For the interest rate, you can set the starting date and the rate, which will automatically calculate it for us until today. In the interest calculation, you can see the interest rates that can be charged in addition to the sub-deposits listed. Clicking on one of them will show you in detail the date and the rate of interest that will be charged. By selecting any of them (clicking on it), you can prescribe the interest rate by simply entering the name. You can capitalise interest accrued in the previous year once a year. It is of course still possible to record interest as an individual requirement.

10. Is it possible for me to create a group prescription that only applies to dwellings?

Of course, within the group specifications you have the possibility to distinguish between types of subfund, buildings involved, floors, subfunds with water meters, mortgaged subfunds and subfunds with credit.

11. Categorising prescriptions What does it mean?

The essence of this function is that the condominium not only keeps the accounts for the budget plan, but also accounts for the actual data at the end of the year. The difference between the budget and actual figures for the year is also entered in the current account of the sub-deposits, and this difference is calculated by category of regulation.

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